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Internet Presence Program
  • Simple, no technical knowledge required.
  • Inexpensive, as low as $20 per month.
  • Promote your business to an emerging group of consumers.
  • iNetShops.com Internet Presence Program benefits:
    • 3-6 page "Brochure" type web site, including feedback form.
    • Free estimate of the cost of designing and creating a web site or converting your print brochure.
    • E-mail address, (yourname@inetshops.com) or your domain if you choose to register one. (More addresses available @ $5.00/month each)
    • Submission to 400 Internet search engines.
    • Information on web site promotion.
    • FrontPage Server Extentions available.
  • No need to register a domain name. Your Internet address or URL will look like: (www.inetshops.com/yourname or yourname.inetshops.com)
  • You will have the option of registering your own domain name at any time in the future. ($25 setup fee, $50 registration fees)
  • Experienced and talented web designers, developers, and project management available to help you create a more complex site.

For more complex and intense hosting, consider one of our Virtual server options.


If you have questions please contact webmaster@inetshops.com
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